ChengFeng Enterprise Co., Ltd.

We have won the 27th SME Innovation and Development Award

We are delighted to announce that we have won the 27th SME Innovation and Development Award.  Thanks for all the support. Our strong professional R&D team will continuously focus  on new products invention to provide the best solution to you.

Taking Natural Agriculture as the best environmental plantation trend, we adopt the best optical properties of light to reach heat insulation, energy saving, reducing pests, aiming at enlarging total crops yield.
Providing a suitable growth environment for crops by reducing thermal temperature within planting site, which help minimizing damage on plantation caused by heat and reducing the waste of energy on temperature control system.
Sourcing suitable light strength and ratio to achieve better photosynthesis. Not only speed up crops growth but also increase nutritional value enhanced. Adopting optical shading effects to repel insects and consequently reducing loss.
This material is designed to develop a green, long lasting and environmental friendly agriculture, cherishing the loving kindness of our mother earth.