ChengFeng Enterprise Co., Ltd.

永續發展Sustainable Development

" Do things well with the right attitude "

Quality Principles

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Externally, we provide customized services and have the most professional R&D team to assist customers in developing new products to meet their needs. Internally, Cheng Feng promotes the “Quality Management System” in an all-round way; Cheng Feng continues to transform the industry and to establish a business community centered on the quality consciousness of all employees to help customers succeed in their goals.
We promise to:

  1. Understand our customer needs with a positive attitude
  2. Provide products and services that meet customer requirements
  3. Carry out the awareness in quality to all employee and pursue excellence and continuous improvement of our products
  4. Have preliminary performance data available to use in setting improvement goals and problem prevention
  5. Improve customer satisfaction

Quality System

We are monitoring the consistency of the production processes. Each process step is operated under the supervision of the quality control department to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

Quality Certification

Cheng Fens's commitments and goals to customers will be based on the ISO 9001 quality management system as the highest guiding principle and the basis for the operation of each department. Through the participation of all employees, all personnel understand and implement the quality standard.