ChengFeng Enterprise Co., Ltd.

永續發展Sustainable Development

Providing Quality Products, Delivering Best Service ,Protecting the Environment

The company adheres to the above principles and strives to improve the quality of products, to gain the trust of customers, and to utilize the resources effectively.

Promises :

  1. Ensure the highest quality of the products so the customers can purchase and use with highest confidence
  2. Provide the best customer service with a cordial, practical, and responsible attitude
  3. Promote energy and resource conservation to protect the Environment
  4. Comply with relevant laws, regulations and other requirements for product safety
  5. Implement comprehensive management system through training for all employees
  6. Communicate environmental policies and provides assistance to all suppliers and staff

Actions :

  1. Maintain effectiveness of the overall operating system in accordance with ISO standards
  2. Review in regular management meetings
  3. Reduce the consumption of various resources and improves the utilization rate of raw materials
  4. Reduce the output of non-recyclable waste / water / gas
  5. Maintain highest security of the storage site